Saturday, December 12, 2015


So sad, they speak coincidence
Dulled by life’s experience
Conquered by man’s great façade
Numbed to Nature’s simple nod
More to life than chug and shake
It is a dance, make no mistake
To drudge through life from stem to stern
Nothing left and nothing learned
To my heart, I now commit
To find the time and so, to wit
Hasten not to vain and glory
But, to find my own true story
From the depths of furthest past
Upon my future life, I cast
It is no gamble, though may seem
To ride upon bold time’s own stream
For this is what it’s all about
It is but life’s most bold redoubt
To know, so deep, that I am one
With all of time, within I’ve won
To hold the love and find the peace
The battled soul will never cease
To understand this peace I glimpse
My wearied soul, along it limps
It is the peace of soul, I say
Not the peace of one fine day
For battles will be fought and lost
For peace of soul, there is a cost
Whether lost or whether won
Glory now, beneath the sun
I know it’s hard to understand
Often seems like shifting sand
When I reach the age of dust
Will I still hold this final trust?


© 2012 whickwithy

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