Saturday, January 10, 2015

""From now until the end of winter"

From now until end of winter is my time to write
Words, like arms, arrayed, once more, so surely filled with might
The pulse of heart transcribed
Stands foremost in battlefield of comprehension's war
How to understand this life, there's always so much more
When will of life's imbibed
The words that trained to celebrate, amazed at such a chore
The glory of the days and years, with all of life in store
Seasons, cycles, clocks that tick, the rhythm of the heart
Pulse like wildness on the wind that blows the door apart
Now, look within the workings of eternity's own space
See beyond the stanza's rhyme, beyond the moment's race
The shining helm and lance and sword of verse are now on guard
Alone, it stands upon its strength, within the hallowed yard
it guards the very door of time from shatterfall without
With practiced will of reasoned strength, it guards the last redoubt


© 2012 whickwithy

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