Sunday, June 29, 2014

Poem: Waves

The sussuration of the waves has washed ashore a thought
The cresting waves surfed through the heart and peace and love were wrought
Insanity had had its reign, upon a lower shelf
Replaced with clefs within the soul, etched score that sings of self
Insights of life are sometimes scribed throughout the spanning years
Hard fought to find, sometimes those lessons etched with well-worn tears
I know the youth will scoff at this, there's nothing there to learn
To save, just one, from all that painful waste and useless burn
For as the waves, so joyous, wash away all of the grime
I find upon the shore's bright sand the glitter and the rhyme
Embracing life, in deeper pools, not ripples in the tide
Those superficial textures disappear like sandy stride
I settle on the sand as lowest tide sweeps in return
And, watch the waves of stellar light blast forth its steady burn
The moon shines forth, and stars portray the spark in all that's been
Of life and love and passion found and all the beauty seen
The waves of sound, from thundrous notes, begin and end the score
A wave of light, or is it tide, shakes cosmos to the core

Poem: The sea

The ripples build as in a trance
Transformed to waves across expanse
And both do mask the swell
Far beneath the surge is strong
Massive movement deep and long
What strength, we cannot tell
And, then the tide adds its effect
A massive touch of moon's respect
This scend we will not quell
From crest, we see the daunting sky
From trough, the sea will capture eye
And, sudden, feel so fell
Conditions perfect for the merge
With ripples, waves, and swelling surge
And man is flung as well


© 2012 whickwithy