Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Stray stars streak through my mind and pass
With soft impressions, Everlast
Unto my mind is given thought
On all that is and all that's wrought
The periled depths both new and bold
So fill my mind to end the cold
To take the chill from unknown paths
Gain summer's warmth in Everlast
And, as my spring accepts its winter
The mind shall know and not be hindered
Just as my future routs the past
I’m off, again, to Everlast
A golden, open breezy field
Within this dream, my fate is sealed
Oh, Lady Luck, you're cards, don't deal
For Luck is not the sword I wield
Defense is open-armed, I clasp
All patience gained from Everlast
Fantastic as this thought may be
I now, and well, can clearly see
'Tis but a part that’s but a start
For, now, alone, so stands the Art
Away, again, so neighs the heart
Bright wondrous fields that never part
For all that’s seen and all that’s past
Is only part of Everlast


© 1978 whickwithy

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