Friday, May 19, 2017


There have been times within my life that seemed so picturesque
That left the mind the imprint of a complex arabesque
A feel, a smell, or pattern left across the fields of mind
All senses well arrayed to swell the heart and later find
A vision, blinding, in its gift to take the breath away
Triggered by a sight or scent or song I seldom play
A song in heart that sings a sigh that only my heart hears
A surge of soul that slumbered deep across the spanning years
Perchance to wake at slightest hint of something in the past
And thunder through the senses with full weight and fully massed
Like breath upon a window pane, the intervening years
The sun burns through the foggy view and silent, windswept tears
And brings it all back home again, head bowed, I softly kneel
It brings the will to heightened state of majesty and steel
Eternal sighs, again, might be a phrase that I could use
But, breathless, from the memory, is word that I would choose
Beauty binds a way of life that captures as it sends
It happens just so often now, I wonder what portends
A hint of things to come?  Of pure beauty's final race?
I staggerdrop and wonderfall at thought I might embrace
All of life, complete the dream, then, gone without a trace


© 2012 whickwithy

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