Sunday, November 6, 2016

"The life and times"

Through all, time ebbs, but on it flows
And, with it all, our life, it goes
But, what, if not a passing fact
Our life went on, in full, in tact
The children always know so much
But, time, Oh Time! They never touch
As gentle as a summer breeze
It passes by, among the trees
A leaf, it falls and settles down
It then cascades, an autumn mound
Time now ticks with every sound
Another leaf, another round
The hearse is rolling toward the town
Our gaze is fixed as though it’s found
The end of all, clear, sharp, and final
Break the nerve and snap the spinal
For who can see beyond the veil
What sight would see, if walls we scale
The heart, the heart, can only know
What lies beyond the endless flow
Time and death, we cringe and quake
Approaching our relentless wake
The life is lost, pursuit's pure folly
The heart, the heart must guide the trolley
It's only hills that hide the trail
Beyond the hills, goes on the rail
No magic world need be defined
Our hearts, our hearts become refined
So shake the terror from the soul
For time is one and we are whole
Time does fade into facade
Life's no joke, give time no nod


© 2012 whickwithy

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