Sunday, November 20, 2016

"The Travelers"

Once the day was folded up and, then, been put away
The travelers toasted final cup ‘fore ambling on their way
The weary Dream donned raincoat pale, the darkened road to face
Staid Principles' so well-worn cloak was slowly shrugged in place
They trudged along together then, at quite a lonely pace
Broken rhyme and deepest ruts were oft the dismal case
Along the darkened road there stood gloom’s shadows here and there
The massive mound of rocks looked vaguely like a well-worn care
A tree of disappointment seemed like end of all that's known
They slowly moved together as they heard a ticking moan
But, what was that they saw ahead, a traveler on the road
They brightened just a little, then, for good he seemed to bode
Ah, bright Heart, in tattered tails, you comfort all you see
The aching back of Principles from bitter drudgery
And saddened eyes of tired Dreams that sheltered from the art
Did lose their pain, forevermore, in presence of great Heart


© 2012 whickwithy

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