Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Tour de force"

Tour de force

Rippled rille is on the course
Nothing left but tour de force
Symbols sliding all about
Well before the final rout
Now, you ask, what's done with this
Sugar, rhyme and arrowed kiss
What's done is done, there is no past
Hold on tight unto the mast
Touch and go, the final say
Hold the rhyme unto the way
Never once the firmament
Much less of the permanent
Flick the hand and lightning strikes
Toss the smile to little tykes
Never again lay down the pawn
Never again to faint or fawn
Touch the sky and blast it blue
Shake it now, at last imbue
Fervor past the least remorse
Settle not for tour de force
Tour de force has met its match
Broken door and open hatch


© 2012 whickwithy

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