Sunday, June 28, 2015

Excerpt 1 from "Seasons"

This is the first stanza from a 50 page poem about one year in the life.  It is included in the "Tapestry" publication.

October 1, 2008, Pine Point, Maine

Now, at last, I have the time
To celebrate these loves of mine
The waves of life wash over me
To cleanse the soul and set me free
I spend my time in awe and wonder
Cast adrift but not asunder
I see you bright in my mind's eye
It’s sealed so tight with every sigh
No trouble to recall your face
Green eyes are fixed in time and place
We soar the night, the hearts beat soon
We dream the light and sing the tune
No rushing now, no frantic mess
And, now, at last, I feel so blest
And, now I also celebrate true Nature and her glory
The seasons sing their daily fate and craft their yearly story
The leaves are in a wonder time, but soon they will be gone
All lost once more beneath the rime, once more just winter's pawn
An odd time it does surely seem to restart such a life
As winter's hoary frost begins to cut like Nature's knife
But, always, always I believe in Serendipity
So now must be the perfect time to let my life go free
For as we dance the whirling dance and sing the song in tune
We traipse the brightest pattern, yet, beneath the summer moon
Just wait and we will see the steps of bursting life in June
And see if I have wrought the dance to seal the silent boon


 © 2012 whickwithy

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