Saturday, July 18, 2015

Excerpt 5 from "Seasons"

The killing cold is gone, right now, but still so cold at night
Unburied from the depths of covers still just such a fright
For spring, no time for patience, and, to dally, is quite rare
When limbs they sing, the blood it boils, and heart has not a care
Yet, life just patiently moves on from bud to burst in bloom
And leaves and ferns take their sweet time to, once again, resume
Flaunt beauty and desire today
So roused, again, by Nature's play
A woman at her loving best
I swoon with awe, no time for rest
Her sigh was wind around the trees
Embraced was I by gentle breeze
This was a day in which to seize
Love and life to fully please
In her honor, life burst through
From leaves to ferns to birds that flew
Their song so joyous on the wing
Of perfect days of sun they sing
An ache so deep was felt within
If time one took embracing wind
The lives rush by so many days
But not today, for Nature plays
All it takes on days like this
Is just a pause to feel the kiss
Dirt beneath my fingernails
The world beneath my feet
Flower garden never fails
To liven hearts that beat
Steady on the course of days
Each step you take is next
Focus just on Nature's plays
Of life, no thought perplexed


 © 2012 whickwithy

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