Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Excerpt 2 from "Seasons"

A tale of a year in the life.  Closing stanza addressing the reader.

Yes, we've wandered far this year from hearts to star and leaf
And walked the change and beach and woods, spent little time on grief
We’ve heard the waves and saw the surf and felt the heartstrings tug
No time is left to flicker on, just lead away with hug
It feels as if we’re parting ways so, deep within, I sigh
Our hearts have paced a little while but, now, I say, goodbye
The time moves on and I do too
And, loving, deeply so, still true
I step, once more, to give a try
And hear the seagull's lonely cry
I offer up this whirlwind sigh
Enough to love, enough to try
For always will I stay the course
No loss of love and no remorse

October 1, 2009 Pine Point, Maine


 © 2012 whickwithy

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