Friday, July 24, 2015

Excert 9 from "Seasons"

Ah, this year of seasons, full, has been a troubled one
That wasn’t in the plan at all, that’s life beneath the sun
At last, once more, thank god it is, the coolness will return
For, at least, a little while with no more summer’s burn
You’d say that I was two years old, sometimes, the way I think
As if the summer is now gone and autumn’s on the brink
But, even though I know it’s not, I like to think it’s true
So, there it is, in many ways, I guess I am still two
It’s something I am proud of, and that truly is the case
To keep the wonder, all the bitter gone without a trace
Like children’s eyes I’ll watch this life as long as I can see
For when the pain would linger on, somehow this sets me free
In living isolation is another way to race
But, then, you see, it’s life and love that leave without a trace
I’ll always live with open arms, though empty they may be
Those open arms are also part of that which sets me free


 © 2012 whickwithy

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