Saturday, July 25, 2015

"Serendipity II"

How to convey that Serendipity's
An entity to which to bend our knees
And, then, rise up, stand taller than before
No misery remains upon the floor
To seek it is a paradox in terms
When out of sight, its essence slowly firms
All care, concern, and thoughts one should release
To find a lasting, budding innner peace
To step as lightly through all space and time
And bring to wonder hearts that fill with rhyme
No marshalling of forces will contend
With heart that's freed, intent to rather spend
A welcoming of grace to take a ride
As Serendipity walks by one's side
No preconceptions force the way it goes
No barriers remain, no tempest throes
To celebrate a life abandon rule
Conceive of life as other than a tool
With surety of will
All havoc now stands still
No enemies to fill
The soul upon a sill
As calm replaces ill
Existence is a conundrum at best
Beyond the sight and sound lies all the rest
A pause is written in life's endless script
To tumble when, at last, the heart is tipped
Discovering that why's an empty phrase
No meaning can portend the endless days
All that we know is written on a point
A palimpsest to which we do annoint
More meaning than is etched within the dot
Expansion comes from knowing we know not
Knowledge is a puff upon the wind
That questioning will always then rescind
A quest, you say, to seek the silent soul
Is what the will must make to make us whole
To build a structure well within the mind
Transcends all structures built of stone and lined
With all the hopes and struggles of our kind
That crumble to the ground, at last, to find
Abandoning of hope's not as it seems
Abandoning of life and all its dreams
Acceptance that all hope in life sustains
When seeking is abandoned, hope remains
The mist will fade, the veil will be removed
A whisper through the heart says all's approved


© 2015 whickwithy

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