Saturday, October 15, 2016

"Daunting Realms"

At daunting coast, the challenge raves
'Tween cliffs of wrath and raging waves
The storm does toss within the sound
As raindrops splatter to the ground
The coast is reached, at last, so sure
The cliffs are scaled, now bright verdure
Is seen as far as eye can see
'Mid roaming beasts and vaulting tree
A path is spied along the way
With twists and turns where many stray
And, further on, more paths are strewn
Unending ways, discovered soon
Some, dark and dim, some filled with lust
Some bright and shining through the dust
Far distant crystal spires are seen
As dragons, jade, fly in between
The roar of dragons shakes the dust
You pause the beat, the seasons must
You'll need your courage as you find
Your way through daunting realms of mind
So staunch the will that reckons clear
Through bouts of doubt and silent tear


© 2012 whickwithy

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