Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I walk, today, within a world that no one else will see
I step on through the bounds of dream while walking 'round a tree
And, on the other side, the crystal rainbows 'cross the sky
The bridges built of tears, no longer linger in the eye
Sun's rays wash all the smiles to bright
The hearty sing with all their might
The beauty rings upon the throne
That’s built of heart in perfect tone
Upon the throne sits, in her glory
Most wondrous being told in story
There’s glitter on her gown
Pure gems upon her crown
Shot through with light and ringing sound
The universe was surely bound
Upon her brow, she'd wait of years
Still burdened by the weight of tears
So lightly, did she raise her form
Transcendent night, like bridled storm
Far past horizon did she gaze
All living hearts did slowly raise
In bravest hopes that she would find
The one the story surely signed
Her heart did sing a lovely tune
As, boldly, sun did break to noon
And all the wonders of the land
Slowly passed beneath my hand

As I laid down my pen


© 2012 whickwithy

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