Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Time tells tales to fool us all
Of sky's abyss and morning call
Shocked and shattered by the tale
No more roaring, lesser hale
Look around the last outcrop
Find, indeed, life's sweet lagniappe
Once is not enough for me
In this life, Lagniappe will be
Shout and barrel down the road
Change the tires, change the mode
Slam the door, prepare to pass
Life’s the wheels, Lagniappe’s the gas
Lagniappe seems to come in vain
Ricochet off the watchman's bane
Pound the fist upon the pavement
Knowing where and what the rave meant
Raging seas and falling toast
Still the one that meant the most
Settle now into the rocket
Metronome in my back pocket
Metro-dome to hold the floods
Lives and nests and narrowed bloods
Bubbling up from pale to first
Knowing now is none the worst
Tickled to the tallest flight
Know it well, Lagniappe's own right
Time tells tales and some are true

Lagniappe for so very few


© 2012 whickwithy

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