Sunday, October 11, 2015

"More realms of the mind"

Realms of mind, I’d wander there
Evermore, no slightest care
But, life calls back the body and cannot be ignored
And, harking back, the mind still calls and always sparkles more
Shoot the ray to spill the beam
Cross to wildness at the stream
Step so high that worlds go past
Yonder reigns new worlds, at last
Flash while striking past the bend
Colored lips will kiss to send
On the way to swirl and foam
Ripple through the sound to roam
Find a wrinkle in the spark
Life will sprinkle bright the arc
Laughter spills along the way
Washing off this wearied stay
Rainbow circles paint the ears
Life unfolds, no time for fears
On and on, beyond the realm
Scattered back to fill the helm
Echo caverns of the mind
There you'll hear and often find
The sighing wind and shifting sands
So deep beneath the hidden lands


© 2012 whickwithy

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