Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"The crime"

Ah, for me, it is a crime
To go too long without a rhyme
It soothes my soul and lets release
Pent up feelings, cooling feast
It makes such sense of all I am
In many ways, 'tis like a jam
To spread on toast of life I live
To sweeten all, with this I give
To translate from the living frame
To bring it home is why I came
All life is here to celebrate
The rhyme just builds a true portrait
To pass along the love of life
With certainty our hearts are rife
The love for all that lives and breathes
The squirrel, the bird, the brook, the leaves
For beauty’s here in all known climes
Heart bursts away in ringing rhymes
Do you feel the joy in this?
The love, the song, the endless bliss
Truly do I sing the praise
Of love and life, I stand amazed
The passions of it all reveal
Hidden not, all life surreal
In wonderment and feelings spent
Across the span of time we're lent
Tumble to the wild wind rocking
Christened to the cusp that's knocking
Poetry is beauty rich
Pressed into the smallest niche


© 2012 whickwithy

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