Thursday, December 24, 2015

"Images of last resort"

The young will always start with hope and purest of intentions
Then the wit does come to break apart all life's conventions
Fashioning, and fancy dress, what of all pomp and styles
Time will wash away with tidal wave of childhood smiles
Engaged in dancing of the spheres, the swirling nature taunts
There comes alive in all of this the loving avalanche


© 2012 whickwithy

Thursday, December 17, 2015

"The drum"

When the time has finally come
Of longer shadows, fading drum
And, every beat of drum and heart
So slowly gains the leading part
Of every moment's thought

Does life become more precious?
Each moment more infectious
With love and laughter for the life?
Or droll with dread and dreary strife?
What is so dearly bought?

When does this life, in fact, begin?
With the bleating on the wind?
When first we burst upon this earth
All raucous from our recent birth?
Is that the moment caught?

Or when this life and love we grasp
With every moment, cause to gasp
At life's so many fickled ways
And revel in the tricks she plays
That life has never taught?

When does this life begin to end?
When body stops, no more to mend?
Or, when the heart no longer cares
And, when the mind no longer spares
Some time for reveled thought?

I was born the other day
Though many years had gone their way
I did not live until that time
Those many years without a rhyme
Were poorly sold and bought

I’ll live this life, each moment comes
Each heartbeat rival to the drums
No longer will I wile the wait
Delayed unto some moment great
I’ll waste a moment not

Now, feel the drumbeat of the life
Don't wait upon a moment rife
So full of patience and denial
As if it were some endless trial
So full of endless rot

If I live another day
No longer will I let it stray
From life adorned until the time
That I no longer will the rhyme
And dance, the lady caught

When does it end, you might well ask
When life becomes an endless task
Without an end in mindless sight
And on and on, an endless fright!
I shudder at the thought

No, dead is not the end of things
Nor death the dirge whose ending brings
Forth all the waste upon this earth
Now, here, beside the frozen firth
Break open to the spot

Where seas of love can well be found
Where life is bold and well renowned
For ’tis the will that leads the way
To endlessly bring love and play
And, that is what I've got

She is the thought that's bold and free
With fiercest love, she anchors me
To all of life's rare sweetest blessings
And all its lovely, wondrous dressings
Beyond the slightest doubt

There is no more to life than that
Let's speak no more of kit and kat
So, well upon this tireless way
I revel now and I do say
It is of love I spout

Oh, tally up the tender sums
Life echoes to the beat of drums
That pound along the endless way
As if each beat did clearly say
We are still here and stout

And dally more if that's your will
Each beat a strike unto a thrill
Each breath a song to always fill
The heart no longer sitting still
Each moment to the top

Still along the way I go
To toss the hammer, bell the blow
The hammer I do surely throw
The bell is there so that I know
Just at the end full stop


© 2012 whickwithy

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"The growing day"

From that time before the light
Until that time day triumphs night
I sit within my woods and watch
The glory grow in sylvan notch
I take the time to watch in wonder
Daylight build the world asunder
The sign the day is slowly coming
Subtle as a thrush's thrumming
To be sure, you'll watch too long
As, lovely as a thrush's song,
First momentous glimpse of light
Tolls the end of blackest night
Vaguest glance, the world is etched
No depth, no tint, just briefly sketched
And, then, the slightest silver slips
Upon the world to touch the tips
And sharpened edges come to fore
But still in gray from star to core
So slowly, all along the depth
The thief along the border crept
To steal away night's deepest black
He enters through a narrow crack
Behold, for now, the day is started
Coal and char have now departed
'Tis beginning of events
That leads to wondrous day, immense
As, trembling, now, the night relents
But, sun has still to cross the fence
Yet, now the world begins to form
In shades of gray, no colors warm
Whether it is spring or fall
No way the eye can tell at all
There is no color to the leaves
As, night to day, does slowly ease
And, then, a hint, the softest brush
The barest tint comes with a rush
Now lanes of light pass through the trees
Untouched, it taps me on the knees
As welcome as a morning breeze
True morning's here, at last, to please


© 2012 whickwithy

Saturday, December 12, 2015


So sad, they speak coincidence
Dulled by life’s experience
Conquered by man’s great façade
Numbed to Nature’s simple nod
More to life than chug and shake
It is a dance, make no mistake
To drudge through life from stem to stern
Nothing left and nothing learned
To my heart, I now commit
To find the time and so, to wit
Hasten not to vain and glory
But, to find my own true story
From the depths of furthest past
Upon my future life, I cast
It is no gamble, though may seem
To ride upon bold time’s own stream
For this is what it’s all about
It is but life’s most bold redoubt
To know, so deep, that I am one
With all of time, within I’ve won
To hold the love and find the peace
The battled soul will never cease
To understand this peace I glimpse
My wearied soul, along it limps
It is the peace of soul, I say
Not the peace of one fine day
For battles will be fought and lost
For peace of soul, there is a cost
Whether lost or whether won
Glory now, beneath the sun
I know it’s hard to understand
Often seems like shifting sand
When I reach the age of dust
Will I still hold this final trust?


© 2012 whickwithy

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Stray stars streak through my mind and pass
With soft impressions, Everlast
Unto my mind is given thought
On all that is and all that's wrought
The periled depths both new and bold
So fill my mind to end the cold
To take the chill from unknown paths
Gain summer's warmth in Everlast
And, as my spring accepts its winter
The mind shall know and not be hindered
Just as my future routs the past
I’m off, again, to Everlast
A golden, open breezy field
Within this dream, my fate is sealed
Oh, Lady Luck, you're cards, don't deal
For Luck is not the sword I wield
Defense is open-armed, I clasp
All patience gained from Everlast
Fantastic as this thought may be
I now, and well, can clearly see
'Tis but a part that’s but a start
For, now, alone, so stands the Art
Away, again, so neighs the heart
Bright wondrous fields that never part
For all that’s seen and all that’s past
Is only part of Everlast


© 1978 whickwithy