Friday, February 19, 2016

"The resonance of Poetry"

The resonance of poetry and poems that I craft
Refresh the mind's deep corridors like crisp and cool spring draft
The echoes still resound across the thoughts that come and go
Cascading to crescendo on perpetual inflow
The rainbow colours of the words enlighten corridors
And, deepest caverns, seldom seen, the synthesis implores
To go beyond the maunderings to pinnacles unknown
To make attempt on love's behalf, the gauntlet has been thrown
Sense and sensibility are not a common sight
It's time to cast the darkness off in rainbow coloured light


© 2016 whickwithy

Friday, February 12, 2016


Cloudy skies and caterpillars harken to the norm
All seems so calamitous until we've reached the storm
All fractals scattered to the winds, how real the life can be
And, never once to touch the ground in distant memory
For when the storm has struck
And, we have tried our luck
The crystal skies and butterflies
Will swirl beyond the crippled tries
The storm no longer waiting
No time for moderating
The churning sea and broken lee
No longer call to you and me
For gentle lea of life to be
We are the ones, at last, will see
All seasons and the reasons stand beyond the windswept norm
With butterflies and rainbows spewing from the falling storm
The storm that never broached the rail
Calamity that never failed
That self-bent honesty


© 2012 whickwithy