Sunday, May 29, 2016

"The mystery of the Tapestry"

Each day I marvel at the weaves of this wondrous tapestry
Declares itself like fall to leaves, on the binding registry
The needle runs both fore and aft, the thread is woven on the throw
So many threads, from heart and craft, each color lit by heart's own glow
Some, in a moment, captious free, leave behind some mystery
And, then, some few, so silently, come flying through your history
It's battened to the core
New shedding says there's more
To come
The kingdom's cloth is known by few, yet, markings show the last detail
The shuttle knows just what to do and stands the test of time and tale
Whither on the way we'll weave, a picture pure and clear or fell
And, all the tatters we will cleave, no tattered tale is this we tell
And, once again, stand back and see the wondrous tale of tapestry
It gathers round you setting free and breathes life in like forestry
Your heart is at the fore
Its beat, hard to ignore,
The drum
When you need a taste of life
Or, build some strength from stress and strife
As gently done as love and lace
It builds so subtly at its pace
So like the answer hidden there
So plain to view, though one must stare
And look for subtleties of all
In cloth that's draped within the hall
If we forget to weave our web
And live the tapestry instead
Amazing thing this doom
That's flung along the loom
The warp is still and weft flies straight and through
With patience watch what artist's hand will do
In golden threads, the  Arras' weave will be
Displayed in royal hall for all to see
The pattern one, no chance to recreate
So boldly hung, this canopy of state
This final scene is beautiful indeed
Displayed for all with heart that's finally freed
To see the weave and recognize its make
And, now, at last, eyes open wide, you wake


© 2012 whickwithy


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