Wednesday, November 30, 2016


A friend is but a miracle of time, and fate, and need
A wonderment of wind and rain and, oft, unstated creed
A balance held, along the wire, of honour, thought, and deed
A bond complete, from nonce to nonce, with this the heart is freed
So tentative, like new-born chick, fresh from the eggshell flung
The balance held, for lifetime long, no better song is sung


© 2012 whickwithy

Sunday, November 20, 2016

"The Travelers"

Once the day was folded up and, then, been put away
The travelers toasted final cup ‘fore ambling on their way
The weary Dream donned raincoat pale, the darkened road to face
Staid Principles' so well-worn cloak was slowly shrugged in place
They trudged along together then, at quite a lonely pace
Broken rhyme and deepest ruts were oft the dismal case
Along the darkened road there stood gloom’s shadows here and there
The massive mound of rocks looked vaguely like a well-worn care
A tree of disappointment seemed like end of all that's known
They slowly moved together as they heard a ticking moan
But, what was that they saw ahead, a traveler on the road
They brightened just a little, then, for good he seemed to bode
Ah, bright Heart, in tattered tails, you comfort all you see
The aching back of Principles from bitter drudgery
And saddened eyes of tired Dreams that sheltered from the art
Did lose their pain, forevermore, in presence of great Heart


© 2012 whickwithy

Thursday, November 17, 2016

"The drum"

When the time has finally come
Of longer shadows, fading drum
And, every beat of drum and heart
So slowly gains the leading part
Of every moment's thought

Does life become more precious?
Each moment more infectious
With love and laughter for the life?
Or droll with dread and dreary strife?
What is so dearly bought?

When does this life, in fact, begin?
With the bleating on the wind?
When first we burst upon this earth
All raucous from our recent birth?
Is that the moment caught?

Or when this life and love we grasp
With every moment, cause to gasp
At life's so many fickled ways
And revel in the tricks she plays
That life has never taught?

When does this life begin to end?
When body stops, no more to mend?
Or, when the heart no longer cares
And, when the mind no longer spares
Some time for reveled thought?

I was born the other day
Though many years had gone their way
I did not live until that time
Those many years without a rhyme
Were poorly sold and bought

I’ll live this life, each moment comes
Each heartbeat rival to the drums
No longer will I wile the wait
Delayed unto some moment great
I’ll waste a moment not

Now, feel the drumbeat of the life
Don't wait upon a moment rife
So full of patience and denial
As if it were some endless trial
So full of endless rot

If I live another day
No longer will I let it stray
From life adorned until the time
That I no longer will the rhyme
And dance, the lady caught

When does it end, you might well ask
When life becomes an endless task
Without an end in mindless sight
And on and on, an endless fright!
I shudder at the thought

No, dead is not the end of things
Nor death the dirge whose ending brings
Forth all the waste upon this earth
Now, here, beside the frozen firth
Break open to the spot

Where seas of love can well be found
Where life is bold and well renowned
For ’tis the will that leads the way
To endlessly bring love and play
And, that is what I've got

She is the thought that's bold and free
With fiercest love, she anchors me
To all of life's rare sweetest blessings
And all its lovely, wondrous dressings
Beyond the slightest doubt

There is no more to life than that
Let's speak no more of kit and kat
So, well upon this tireless way
I revel now and I do say
It is of love I spout

Oh, tally up the tender sums
Life echoes to the beat of drums
That pound along the endless way
As if each beat did clearly say
We are still here and stout

And dally more if that's your will
Each beat a strike unto a thrill
Each breath a song to always fill
The heart no longer sitting still
Each moment to the top

Still along the way I go
To toss the hammer, bell the blow
The hammer I do surely throw
The bell is there so that I know
Just at the end full stop


© 2012 whickwithy

Monday, November 14, 2016


The quiet of an evening
The stardreams of a night
The silent soul that's singing
The heart that glows with light

The silence of a dawning as it turns from grey to green
All life is at a pause in time until all eyes have seen
The sadness of a soul that's lost upon their lonely way
The joy when soul comes back, again, to light the brightest day
The gaze from eye to eye that goes between the two that love
The gaze upon the numinous and bluest sky above
The silence in a heart for one where brightness once had been
And, all the silence of a world, not heard, but sometimes seen


 © 2012 whickwithy

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Like strings upon a puppet
Or threads within a web
They pull together up it
But, synthesize instead
Like leaves and branches on a tree give stunning strength to fit
The synthesis, like magic born, when you lean intuit
When all the threads align
And synergies combine
There never will be end to it
You're learning of the intuit


© 2012 whickwithy

Sunday, November 6, 2016

"The life and times"

Through all, time ebbs, but on it flows
And, with it all, our life, it goes
But, what, if not a passing fact
Our life went on, in full, in tact
The children always know so much
But, time, Oh Time! They never touch
As gentle as a summer breeze
It passes by, among the trees
A leaf, it falls and settles down
It then cascades, an autumn mound
Time now ticks with every sound
Another leaf, another round
The hearse is rolling toward the town
Our gaze is fixed as though it’s found
The end of all, clear, sharp, and final
Break the nerve and snap the spinal
For who can see beyond the veil
What sight would see, if walls we scale
The heart, the heart, can only know
What lies beyond the endless flow
Time and death, we cringe and quake
Approaching our relentless wake
The life is lost, pursuit's pure folly
The heart, the heart must guide the trolley
It's only hills that hide the trail
Beyond the hills, goes on the rail
No magic world need be defined
Our hearts, our hearts become refined
So shake the terror from the soul
For time is one and we are whole
Time does fade into facade
Life's no joke, give time no nod


© 2012 whickwithy